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We offer a variety of services to our partners including

Channel Promotion

We will promote your channel, no matter your size. If you're a member of CreatorGen we will work tirelessly to promote your content and help you build your channel.

Short-Term Contracts

If you don't like being a part of CreatorGen you can leave after a year, for whatever reason. No long-term contracts or lifetime contracts.

Channel Growth

Join and we can help you to grow your audience via our content distribution program.

Dedicated VIP Support

You'll get your own VIP support representative. Have a question? Need help? Just send us an email.









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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CreatorGen Media?

CreatorGen Media is a Dailymotion MCN network that partners with YouTubers to help them bring there existing videos from YouTube over to Dailymotion. It’s important to remember that we are a Dailymotion network so joining CreatorGen Media will give us control over your Dailymotion channel but not over your YouTube channel.

Does Dailymotion have Content ID?

Yes, Dailymotion has a form of Content ID, however, Dailymotion uses filtering solutions(Content ID) systems from INA and Audible Magic since Dailymotion doesn’t have its own.

Why should I join CreatorGen Media?

CreatorGen Media MCN is one of the fastest growing Dailymotion MCN Networks, as far as we’re aware CreatorGen Media is the only MCN network on Dailymotion that allows you to bring your existing YouTube videos over to Dailymotion. You will also get access to the CreatorGen Media creator platform. You can join CreatorGen Media Network above.

How do I make a Dailymotion channel?

1. Go to www.Dailymotion.com and create an account
2. Then go here to verify your account and activate uploads.
3. Now you have joined Dailymotion you can link your new Dailymotion channel/account with CreatorGen Media network. You can join the CreatorGen Media Network above.

What is a Dailymotion partner?

A Dailymotion partner is a Dailymotion creator who has joined the Partner/Monetization program on Dailymotion. Dailymotion partners can; monetize content, create a Channel, and use analytics tools.

How old do I have to be?

You need to be 18 years old to join CreatorGen Media MCN. However, if you are under 18, you can have your parent or guardian submit the application for your channel.