Our Delivery

You always get everything we film, as a digital file, available for download via our website about 24-hours after taking photos.

Multiple Photographers

We can provide up to 5 photographers if necessary. For planned productions, i.e., non-events, we are able to offer additional cameras run by one photographer.

Straightforward Pricing

Our prices are amazing, honest, and really easy to understand. We like keeping things simple for our customers.


Please select a good time for one of our representatives to contact you? We will contact you within minutes of your request.

How is the location defined?

A location is a separate physical address. There can be multiple areas to shoot within one physical location.

What if I want additional editing/revisions?

The first revision is free of charge. Additional changes will incur an hourly fee of $35.

What if I am not located in Dayton, Ohio?

We generally travel within 100 miles of the city of Dayton and suburbs. We do service Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and Indianapolis. If you are outside these limits but still want to book us, please contact us. There is no guarantee we will go outside our normal radius for you, but there are exceptions from time-to-time, and there is no harm in asking.

How long will you keep the images?

We guarantee the images to be archived for 3 months. Anything after that time period, we would notify you of any changes.

Do you shoot High Definition?

Yes, we can shoot in High Definition and full HD, including 4K.

How much does a photography cost?

This varies a lot based on your project requirements. Photography is, unfortunately, very expensive to produce well. And with video, it is usually a question of how far do you want to go, and on what budget? The easiest thing to do is to give us your budget for the photos you are looking to produce. We will work within your budget to optimize the quality and still reach your goals.