Kris Moody

Kris Moody

    • Name: Christian Cook 
    • Stage Name: Kris Moody 
    • Age: 20
    • Gender: Male 
    • Ethnicity: White 
    • Hair Color: Brown 
    • Weight: 185
    • Eye Color: Green 
    • Language: English 
    • Voice Description: Me
    • Services: Mix and Master 
    • Recording and Delivery: Aggressive
    • Training & Experience: Self Taught 
    • Equipment: Rode NT1A, UA LA-610 MkII, Behringer UMC204HD, FL Studio 12
    • Additional Skills:Producer, Engineer 
    • Location: Nashville, TN
    • Country: United States of America


Kris Moody is a 20-year-old rapper, producer, and engineer from Dayton, Ohio. While his mother was often listening to country and pop, his stepfather was playing everything from Dre and Snoop, to Prince and Michael Jackson. These varieties of inspirations gave Kris Moody a wide range when it came to creating, hence the “Moody”.  This was a nickname given to him by his manager, which can be associated with his sporadic flow, and being able to change the pace from song to song. In 6th grade, Kris starting recording with his childhood friend “Sonny”, and this is when he fell in love with the production side of music. After a falling out, he found himself at the age of 17 and began creating music once again, this time solo. Kris has always pushed to create conscious music and challenges his listeners to be open-minded and free thinking.

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