HomiesWithBarz New Single “Dream Girl”Debuts Today On SoundCloud!!!

The link will we be below. So let’s talk about the song and the origin. Every question was answered by H.W.B’s very own QC and KingJamesley. The two artist were very intuned with the questions during the interview and they seemed to have put a lot of heart into the song and thought. What made you guys write this song? QC responded by saying ” The reason I had wrote “Dream Girl” was to express how I feel about beautiful sweet specific women that roam my mind often.” Then to back it up KingJamesley stated ” I had liked a specific female for a while ,Yara Shahidi, and it was only a matter of time before I had wrote a song about her and how I felt .” Who was you “Dream Girl”? Qc started off again ” My “Dream Girl” is Iyanna Mayweather a.k.a Moneyyaya the most outgoing girl I know, who keeps it flashy and keeps it cute.” The KingsJamesley followed with “My “Dream Girl” is the smart, talented, the one the only Yara Shahidi.” Why do you think these fine women are your “Dream Girl”? QC stated”Iyanna Mayweather is my choice of a dream girl because she is the prettiest female dawn and she obviously possess all the key factors a guy would fantasize about knowing,she would be hard to get making her my “Dream Girl”something I could only dream about until I get her knowing her dad is Mayweather. I’d have to be extra cautious and treat her with the utmost respect care and love.” Then KingJamesley added ” Well I think Yara is my “Dream Girl”, because of her character and how she carries her self , caring for other people, and being a activist for all people . Her beauty tells it all but it’s what inside also.Who wouldn’t dream about a girl who can do both?” What does dream girl mean to you? QC responded to the question by saying “A “Dream Girl” to me is a girl you know that’s out of your range but you still think about. Even though you having a chance with that girl trying to turn that dream into a reality is one and a million.” Jamesley added “What “Dream Girl” means to me, is a girl you admire and dream of getting to know but in your head. You’re never going to meet a person, you dream about that girl basically.” Do you think every female has the potential to be someone’s “Dream Girl”? QC began by saying “I feel like every male has a dream girl because everyone wants someone. Especially if that someone’s Iyanna.” Then KingJamesley began to speak”Well of course many people like us everyday dream of being with the best female and hopefully they meet the right person but not every female is going to feel the same way, they have the potential to change someone’s life physically and mentally, just because that one person’s dream to know you and know more about you. So yes, I think every female has the potential to be someone’s “Dream Girl”.” In summary check out H.W.B’s new single “Dream Girl” on Sound cloud and maybe you’ll think of you “Dream Girl.”

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